Rocket Realtor Marketing
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You know the Top Sales and Listing Agents are doing something more …



What we do to get you MORE SALES:

  • Social Media Postings (Groups & Individuals)
  • Facebook Ads
  • Email Campaigns and Newsletters
  • Video – Personal Introduction and Property
  • Personal Website with Video and Listings



BUT You know it would take too much time to learn it yourself …



What we do to get you MORE LISTINGS:

  • Video, Video and more Video (Video Sells YOU!)
  • Add you to Business Listings – HUGE SEO value!
  • Post to over 1M people in your area.
  • Email Campaigns / Newsletters.
  • Set up YOUR personal Website.
  • Run Facebook Ads for YOU!


Video is the one most important thing you can do to build trust.

Statistics prove that when video is on a page, it gets the most attention!


Automatically Share 5-Star Reviews

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Your great reputation deserves to be seen! Maximize exposure by automatically sharing your 5-Star reviews on Facebook or Twitter. Plus…automatically update your website with REAL verifiable testimonials.


Fact: There are hundreds of Business Listing Sites – it not just Yelp and Google!

These listings give you more clout with the search engines, bringing you higher (SEO).